When we are on the path of self-discovery, we recognize many hidden facets of life – many ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ start presenting themselves along with the answers. This is the stage when we realize that Life is actually not the way we perceive it through our senses, it is not about the miseries and the traumas we face, but much deeper than that. We understand that there is so much pain only because of lack of awareness about the process of life. However, once we gain knowledge about ‘Who we are?’, ‘Why we are here?’, ‘Where do we come from?’ and ‘Where do we go?’, We get a broader and deeper perspective of life. This understanding takes our life to a new level. Our awareness intensifies and we are able to experience bliss and peace, which is our true nature.

Having experienced this, Santosh wanted to share it with everyone around. This was also his purpose of this lifetime which he discovered through PLR sessions. Santosh says,  it gives him immense satisfaction and makes his life meaningful, when he is able to make a positive difference in someone’s life and help them find their purpose too.

Do you also feel the same? Is your calling to help people transform their lives? Do you want to be a part of greater shift in consciousness?  What if you have an opportunity to work in the field you love, work for a noble cause and also make this a profession?

Here is the opportunity.

We are planning a PLR Therapist Training Programme, the details for which are as follows.

WHO is eligible?

Anyone who has attended the Two-Day Past Life Regression Workshop with Santosh Joshi is eligible to attend the Training Workshop

For WHOM ?

This is an intensive, experiential workshop on self-discovery giving tools to help others and is tailor made for all those who:
  • Are on the path of self-discovery and looking for Inner Transformation
  • Would like to train and practice as Past-Life-Regression Therapist
  • Wish to tap their highest potential and find purpose of their life and thereby give a deeper meaning to their existence
  • Are therapists and healers, and who wish to empower themselves with new techniques

WHAT are the Benefits?

This is a Certification workshop with the following objectives:
  • Taking oneself on a higher level of spiritual evolution
  • Becoming a Past Life Regression Therapist thus enabling you to practice it on people who need it most
  • It is an add-on to your existing kit if you are already practicing as a holistic healer
  • Making your passion, your profession and bring a positive difference in the society

The program consists of two parts:

Part One: This is a Five day non-residential course covering the following:
  • Hands-On Training on Past Life Regression techniques
  • Future Life Progression
  • Guidelines for Past Life Regression Practice
Part Two: One-day non-residential evaluation that will be conducted after a gap of one year after Part One. During this one-year, the participants are expected to:
  • Update their knowledge
  • Complete at least 20 Past-Life-Regression cases (each subject/client is one case).
  • Documentation of the above cases and submit these case studies two months before the evaluation date.
The evaluation consists of:
Presentation of Case Studies Each participant will have to present the details of one case (that is selected by the panel from the cases submitted) to the panel and audience (consisting of other participants).
Evaluation & Certification


27th to 31st January 2016 (For those who have not attended Two-Day Past Life Regression Workshop with Santosh Joshi can do so on 23rd, 24th Jan at the same venue. For details contact the below numbers)


Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri E, Mumbai - 400101.

HOW to participate?

Participation is by Pre-payment only. Fees : INR 30,000 + Service Tax (14.5%)